The Authentic Networker Podcast: Hosted By Richard Bliss Brooke

Brigitte Bartley - Isagenix

September 21, 2016
After going through a divorce and getting struck with the realization that she had to support herself and her three boys, this stay-at-home mom stopped “dabbling” in the products she loved and went on to build a Network Marketing team with 13 leader legs and 10,000 auto ship customers in five years. 
As a self-proclaimed “reserved and quiet” woman, Brigitte Bartley built 95% of her business via social media. On this call she’ll share how she did it, how this profession can work even for introverts, and how to not take the NOs personally. Brigitte loves teaching others how to “Illumin8 Your Life” and is the co-author of “The Energy of Happiness,” which became an Amazon #1 bestseller in 2015. You’ll definitely want to hear what this successful leader has to say!

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