Network Marketing Heroes: Host Richard Bliss Brooke

Camilla Eves - Arbonne

February 20, 2019
“Network Marketing? What will people think?!” For Camilla Eves, a successful Canadian actress and singer, this was her biggest hurdle when presented with the Network Marketing opportunity. Yet she absolutely loved the products and was longing for financial freedom and more time with her son. 
So how did she overcome her fear and go on to become Arbonne’s #1 income earner in Canada? Watch her inspiring Hero Interview with Richard Bliss Brooke and find out! Always a hard worker, Camilla sponsored 92 people in her first year. Ten years later, her team numbers in the thousands in 6 countries, averaging $2–3 million A MONTH in sales. Camilla is passionate about helping others achieve success, so share this with your team and don’t miss it!