Ray Higdon - Global Influencer

March 19, 2019
Ray Higdon has known success, and he has known failure. Like a lot of us, he did not recognize Network Marketing as a legitimate wealth-building opportunity until the real estate downturn in 2008 cost him his entire fortune. It was not until then that he embraced Network Marketing and set out to master the principles. Ray helped lead his company to success by creating an extraordinary attitude and work ethic. When Ray’s Network Marketing company was acquired by a much larger one, he took the opportunity to move into generic training and coaching. Hear Ray’s incredible story on this Global Influencer Interview with Richard Bliss Brooke.

James Clear - Global Influencer

March 5, 2019
James Clear is an author and speaker focused on habits, decision-making, and continuous improvement. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Entrepreneur, Time, and on CBS This Morning. His website receives millions of visitors each month and hundreds of thousands subscribe to his popular email newsletter. He is a regular speaker at Fortune 500 companies and his work is used by teams in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Through his online course, The Habits Academy, James has taught more than 10,000 leaders, managers, coaches, and teachers. The Habits Academy is the premier training platform for individuals and organizations that are interested in building better habits in life and work.

Camilla Eves - Arbonne

February 20, 2019
“Network Marketing? What will people think?!” For Camilla Eves, a successful Canadian actress and singer, this was her biggest hurdle when presented with the Network Marketing opportunity. Yet she absolutely loved the products and was longing for financial freedom and more time with her son. 
So how did she overcome her fear and go on to become Arbonne’s #1 income earner in Canada? Watch her inspiring Hero Interview with Richard Bliss Brooke and find out! Always a hard worker, Camilla sponsored 92 people in her first year. Ten years later, her team numbers in the thousands in 6 countries, averaging $2–3 million A MONTH in sales. Camilla is passionate about helping others achieve success, so share this with your team and don’t miss it!

Dr. Corey Gold - Youngevity

February 5, 2019

At the height of his career as a practicing dentist, Dr. Corey Gold said YES to the opportunity, and has since gone on to build a team of 20,000 distributors with $60,000,000 in annual downline sales. He is also the creator of ProJoba International’s popular flower pollen drink, Pollen Burst™. Dr. Gold is an avid Ironman triathlete who will soon be competing in the North American Ironman Championships … at 55 years old! What are his secrets for going the extra distance in Network Marketing? Watch and find out.

Thomas Tidlund - Zinzino

January 22, 2019
In just 8 months, Thomas was able to double his salary. Today this internationally renowned trainer and coach has 20,000 people on his team and lives a global, financially free lifestyle. So how did this super Swede build his biz with super speedHere’s a hint: it’s a way that ANYONE can do it … yes, you! Don’t miss Thomas’ incredible life and leadership lessons on the latest and greatest Hero Interview with Richard Bliss Brooke.

Adam Green - Global Influencer

December 14, 2018
This week’s global influencer Interview is with one of the most inspiring young leaders in all of Network Marketing – the one and only Adam Green! How did Adam go from near rock bottom to “retiring” as a personal trainer at age 22? LEADERSHIP! Hear Adam’s incredible story of building a team of 50,000 members in just 5 years. When Richard and Adam get together, there is always a ton of laughter, fun and Aha moments for you to take and infuse into your biz. Don’t miss it! 

Frazer Brookes - Global Influencer

December 11, 2018
How would you like to get trained by a ninja? Well, here’s your chance! Check out Richard Brooke's Global Influencer interview with social media master Frazer Brookes, who runs Europe’s #1 community for Network Marketers – The Ninja Networker. Frazer grew up in Network Marketing … even attending his first event in his mother’s belly. At age 5, he was traveling the country with his parents, listening to personal development tapes and watching them build a wildly successful business. Yet self-consciousness and shyness held him back from saying “yes” to the industry. What changed? How did Frazer grow a team of over 300,000 customers using social media … and go on to become one of the most respected global influencers of our time? You’ll have to watch and see!

Jordan Kemper - Global Influencer

November 27, 2018
How do you define significance and how do you become significant? If you’re lacking clarity in your life, it’s time for a breakthrough. Watch as Richard Brooke interviews Jordan Kemper, author of “Red Key Revolution: Redefining Success for a Life of Significance.” This inspiring global influencer has appeared on stages around the world, alongside greats like Dr. Oz, Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and John C. Maxwell. Now he’s here to speak to YOU. 

Roland Oosterhouse - Shaklee

November 13, 2018

“You’ll never amount to anything.” These words from a high school counselor haunted Roland for many years. But instead of living out this prophecy, this former factory worker took a different path. Don’t miss this incredible Hero interview hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke. Today Roland has a massive Network Marketing team with 25,000 customers in 7 countries. If you’ve ever felt beaten down by the words of others (including your own internal conversation), it’s time for a NEW, INSPIRING message of YES, YOU CAN! 

Dr. Dana McGrady - Purium

October 30, 2018
From Holistic Doctor with three clinic locations to a full-time Network Marketer, Dr. Dana McGrady has an incredible story. Watch my interview with her, to hear her story and tips on achieving success in Network Marketing. Check out her story in Kimmy's 5th edition of The Four Year Career® for Women. BlissBusiness.com/4YCW

Carrie Dickie - LifeVantage

October 17, 2018

Carrie Dickie has been in the Network Marketing profession since 1993. She has built a team that has over 170,000 active customers that produce over $4 million dollars per month in revenue! She prides herself on the quality of leadership that she has developed in her team. Listen to her story and grab tips on how you too can build a rock-solid, long-term business.

100th Network Marketing Hero Interview!

October 1, 2018

This is our 100th Network Marketing Hero Interview! To celebrate I've asked 5 Network Marketing icons, who also happen to be dear friends of mine, to join me for a special 100th episode of the Network Marketing Hero Interview. Listen to this powerhouse lineup: Jordan Adler - SendOutCards, Donna Johnson - Skin Care Company, Tom Chenault - Youngevity, Carolyn Wightman - Shaklee, and Adam Green - Young Living. Combined, these leaders have over 100 years of experience in Network Marketing and have built teams of millions of people all over the world. Hear their stories and listen to the tips they share about how you too can build a successful business in Network Marketing. 

Linda Evenden - Juice Plus+

September 18, 2018

Linda Evenden is a wife, a mother, a speaker, and coach. Her passion is helping women to magnify their unique gifts and bring heart and courage to their business to supercharge their wildest dreams and vision. She is a passionate advocate of the Network Marketing profession that delivers dreams every day and loves empowering women to lead a fired up, independent, duplicating team. Linda leads a global team of thousands and has been in the profession for 10 years. Listen to Linda's interview and join in the conversation ...

Kim Fiske - Global Influencer

September 5, 2018
Kim is the author of "The Monster Under the Bed." In this book Kim shares about what keeps all of us playing small, playing in circles, and chasing our fears instead of our dreams. The profound thing about this book is Kim did not learn to master human psychology in the classroom or from reading books. She learned it from coaching thousands of people … and perhaps her toughest client of all was herself. Her own personal journey of transformation is the bedrock of this book. Her stories will scare you, challenge you, and inspire you. If you take you on and follow her lead, you too can start chasing and catching your dreams. I've had her on my Heroes Podcast before, but this time she's back as a Global influencer!

Michael DiMuccio - Nikken

August 21, 2018

Michael DiMuccio had a dream of being rich and famous but wasn't quite sure how he was going to get there. Hear how he went from graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, to signing a music contract, to working as an Electrician, and then eventually becoming a top income earner in Network Marketing! Listen to this week's interview withMichael DiMuccio and learn how to achieve success.

Donna Weiser Hennes - Skin Care Company

August 8, 2018

Donna has been a Network Marketer with the same company for 26 years and has a team of over 35,000 distributors. She will share how she has grown an organization that produces $2.9 million dollars PER MONTH in revenue and how she has become to ranked #21 highest income earners in the U.S. in her entire company! Join Richard and Donna and hear her story and her tips for success. 

Ray Robbins - Mannatech

July 24, 2018

With over 40 years of sales and marketing experience, Ray Robbins is an industry leader. As the co-founder of a Network Marketing company, Ray has helped build a distributor base of over one million people. Ray is the father of 3, grandfather of 7, a lover of all and a highly decorated veteran. Hear Ray's story and tips for success in Network Marketing.

Jeff Roberti - Juice Plus+

June 26, 2018

Through years of hard work, Jeff Roberti has become a Network Marketing legend! He has cemented himself as one of the highest income earners in the history of the industry. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeff for 30 years and am honored to call him a friend. His loyalty and commitment to leading by example in Network Marketing is truly admirable. Join Jeff and I for a half an hour of insight, tips, and stories. Jeff and I will walk you through his journey and share his lessons through life and Network Marketing. This is an interview that you do not want to miss!

Danielle Daniel - doTerra

June 12, 2018

As a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and licensed Psychotherapist, Danielle Daniel has always been passionate about helping others. When she decided to join Network Marketing she discovered an entirely new way to do that and much more. This week's Network Marketing Hero Interview features Danielle Daniel and her amazing story. 

Laura Evans - Shaklee

May 30, 2018

As a successful corporate executive, Laura missed watching her 4 kids grow up. Now she’s moved out of her company’s executive offices to become an independent Network Marketing business owner with a thriving international team and time freedom. Find out how she did it on this week’s episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke.

Zach & Eden Slobin - Isagenix

May 16, 2018

Zach and Eden Slobin launched their Network Marketing business and just 4 short months they were able to free themselves from Corporate America while replacing their Six-Figure Incomes. This power couple provides a unique combination of skills which allow them to mentor their team to life-changing financial success. Learn how to get a fast start on this week’s episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke.

Al Bala - Mannatech - Global Influencer

April 30, 2018

Epic Podcast with Mannatech CEO, Al Bala. Listen Now! Think you can’t build your American Dream? Think again! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from the great Al Bala on this week’s episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss BrookeIf you’re ready to get your American dream off the ground, Al will show you how!

Megan Baldwin - Young Living

April 16, 2018

Hung Up on Short-Term Goals? Break Free. “Time is the only limited commodity. How do you want to spend yours?” Upon hearing these words from her sponsor, this Hero had her big Aha moment. She realized that if she embraced the business opportunity and not just the products, she could help change people’s lives in amazing ways (including her own)! Hear Megan Baldwin’s story on this week’s episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke.

Jordan Adler - SendOutCards

April 3, 2018

Jordan is the #1 distributor and top income earner in his Network Marketing Company, earning him a solid seven-figure yearly income. He calls himself a 13-year "overnight success" and has experienced his share of struggles before finding such huge success.

Sonia Magruder - Purium

March 20, 2018

If you’re ready to “Ignite Your Success,” servant-driven leader Sonia Magruder has the message you need to hear. She has built an incredible team organically and has a mountain of wisdom to motivate, lead and inspire you.

Matt Morris - WorldVentures

March 5, 2018

He personally sponsored 30 people in his first month and 100 in his first year. This created momentum and growth, and today his organization has more than one million customers. Don’t miss this incredible interview with eight-time bestselling author, speaker, and Network Marketing superstar Matt Morris on this week’s episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke.

Whitney Husband - Younique

February 20, 2018

Building Your Empire with Facebook. $500 extra dollars a month and getting off government assistance. This Hero’s simple goal turned out to be a million dollar opportunity. Get fired up by Whitney Husband’s inspiring story on this week’s episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke.

Judy O’Higgins - SendOutCards

February 6, 2018

Judy earned her Master's of Social Work Degree and spent 25 years as a counselor, empowering women to a better life. And even though she loved what she did, she desired the time freedom that her career wouldn't allow. As luck would have it, she was introduced to Network Marketing and, like many of us, her life was changed forever. In this podcast, you'll hear her incredible story and learn about how she grew her team to thousands of distributors and more importantly, created a true residual income that has given her the freedom she wished for.

John Holowaty - Juice Plus+

January 23, 2018

You don't have to be an overnight success to become MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL, John's story proves it. In his first 90 days, he personally sponsored just 3 peopleBy year four, that number grew to 50 ...today he has one of the fastest growing Network Marketing businesses in HISTORY!

Alyssa Francis - Young Living

January 9, 2018

Alyssa started her health and wellness journey in 2010 to help her daughter, and she made many changes in their home. She was introduced to the products in 2012 by a Facebook friend who invited her to a home class. With no interest or need for the business opportunity, she fell in love with the products and desired nothing more than to have them paid for each month so she could get MORE! Then, it happened! Alyssa achieved her own Four Year Career in under 3 years! Want to build your Network? Listen in ...

Dawn Ferrentino - Isagenix

December 26, 2017

Dawn Ferrentino learned to be the best version of herself and achieved success in Network Marketing. Dawn worked in the corporate world as an accountant for 27+ years, but she felt like something was missing ... then she found Network Marketing. So ... she transformed and created a multiple six-figure annual income and is a millionaire in her Network Marketing company. Want to hear the rest of her story? Listen to Richard Bliss Brooke's interview with Dawn here!

Andi Duli - Zurvita

December 12, 2017

Having lost most of his team in October of 2011, he was down on his luck and funds. Then, with the help of a workshop that Richard Bliss Brooke held in that same year, he launched his business and his MINDSET. Within 90 days he built a new group of 189 people, which has grown today to over 15,000 active distributors with annual sales of over $40 million plus. Now his team consists of 21,000 actively preferred customers on a current monthly auto-ship and over 10,000 ACTIVE retail. Listen HERE to Andi and Richard discuss their amazing careers.

Bethany Shipley - Young Living

November 28, 2017
Bethany Shipley fell in love with Network Marketing three days after she had her first baby in August of 2014. She found herself totally in love with being a mother while also craving a big Vision and mission for her life outside of her new role. The idea of "having it all" manifested itself in Network Marketing and the rest of her story is just the beginning! Learn how you too can "have it all" on this week's Heroes Podcast with Bethany Shipley and Richard Bliss Brooke.

Valerie Edwards - Skin Care Company

November 14, 2017

Valerie was able to replace her income from running a daycare in just four months and achieve a six-figure income just 15 months later! Valerie is currently living a life she could have only dreamed about. And the best part, she now gets to share her knowledge and experience with her oldest daughter Rylie who is now building her business.

Jay Coburn - Isagenix

October 31, 2017

Jay Coburn has a story of perseverance and success that will help you explode your business. He was introduced to Network Marketing over 35 years ago and fell in love with the personal development and promise of residual income. With his excitement about the company and products, he jumped in with both feet and has found massive success. Learn how he did it on this week's Hero Call Podcast.

April Pointer - Young Living

October 17, 2017

April Pointer started out like most people, as a customer using the products on herself and her family. She was born with a pretty serious birth defect that always kept her in the hole. With thousands in medical bills and a real passion for sharing the products with others, she learned about the business. Find out more on this week's Hero Call Podcast.

Lisa DeMayo - Isagenix

October 5, 2017

Prior to joining Network Marketing, Lisa spent 14 years juggling a career as a successful pharmaceutical sales representative and being a mother, but she wanted more. So she took a leap of faith and joining the Network Marketing industry. This leap has been paying off every day since. Find out how Lisa became the 2017 Woman of the Year in her company and how you can too!

Anna & Yvan Lozano - Usana

September 21, 2017

With 2 successful careers, Anna and Yvan Lozano were still not fulfilled. After moving back to Canada from Mexico Anna was introduced to an amazing opportunity, Network Marketing. 2-years later Anna and Yvan left their cubicles behind to pursue their passion full-time. Get inspired by the Lozano's on this week’s episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke.

Shauna Ekstrom & Scott Peterson - Isagenix

September 7, 2017

“Leapfrog” Your Way to Success. As a former hairdresser, this Hero had been prospected a million times and began to think of networkers as “weird.” But when a good friend approached her with an opportunity, she trusted her enough to just take a look … and soon, began to dream of freedom. Laugh, learn and get inspired by Shauna Ekstrom and Dr. Scott Peterson on this week’s episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke.

Sue Brenchley - ASEA

August 24, 2017

Sue Benchley has always been a fighter. She got started in the business 25 years ago, became a student of the profession and has dedicated her life to sharing it with as many people as possible. Even though she needed more income, what brought Network Marketing to her attention was not the money, but the ability to change peoples lives. She leads an organization of over 100,000 people in 26 countries and continues to grow.

Kierston Kirschbaum - doTerra

August 10, 2017

Hear Kierston Kirschbaum’s amazing story on this week’s episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke“Just follow the system and commit to it.” This was the advice of Kierston’s upline … and it’s exactly what she did. In a single day, this busy wife and mother’s world was turned upside down. Her husband’s company of 10 years fell apart, and they suddenly found themselves broke, homeless, and borrowing money for diapers and milk.

Laurenda Eddy - Younique

July 28, 2017

After receiving a message on Facebook from a stranger, Laurenda decided to check out the products. She quickly fell in love with the products and started working the business. In less than 3 years she bought a new home for her and her dad. Laruenda's advice to you"No matter the roadblock, speed bump or obstacle just keep going." Millennials don't miss Laurenda Eddy's story on this episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke.

Esther Spina - Ambit Energy

July 13, 2017

Four years after saying YES, Esther was able to retire her husband (and watch her son become a multi-millionaire)! Today this author of the bestselling book “The Ambitious Woman: What it Takes and Why You Want to Be One” has a team of 60,000 customers and 20,000 consultants. If you want to unleash your inner ambitious woman, don’t miss Esther Spina’s Aha-filled episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke.

Jenifer Furness - Yoli

July 6, 2017

Embrace your own destiny and don’t miss the duplicable actions and insights Jenifer shared on this call! She says, “I had always wanted what the profession had to offer, I just didn’t know it existed!” Laugh, learn and get inspired by Jenifer Furness on this week’s episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke.

Mark Januszewski - Global Influencer

June 22, 2017

This Hero Maker went from bankrupt to beach front through Network Marketing. He is now passionate about training others to be heart driven, successful leaders.

Dr. Scott & Brenda Schuler - Young Living

June 16, 2017

If you want to get out of the “hobby stage” of Network Marketing, Scott & Brenda’s story can inspire you to make it happen. When they decided to “treat the business like a business,” their momentum took off. In just 8 years of serious building, they have grown an organization with 10 leadership legs and have personally enrolled 154 people.

Kimmy Brooke - Global Influencer

June 10, 2017

Build an Empire on Your Lunch Break. This struggling single mom was working 60 hours a week and living paycheck to paycheck. She was hoping for something to come along and save her … and that something turned out to be Network Marketing. Get fired up by Kimmy Brooke’s story on this week’s episode of the Network MarketingHeroes Podcast.



Richard Bliss Brooke - Global Influencer

May 30, 2017

Golden Hero Call! In honor of our #50 call, we turned the tables in a pretty cool way. Your host of the Network Marketing Hero Series, Richard Bliss Brooke, was interviewed … by none other than the amazing Kimmy Brooke! Don’t miss everyone’s favorite chicken chopper to CEO sharing his incredible story and nuggets of wisdom.

Adam Green - Young Living

May 17, 2017

Adam found himself working as a personal trainer and living for the weekend without a driving purpose. In November 2011, at age 22 Adam decided it was time for a change. Fast forward to 2016, Adam’s Network Marketing team has grown to over 40,000+ members and currently completes over $2 million in monthly sales and grows monthly by 3,500+ members.

Sinead Kavanagh - Juice Plus+

April 27, 2017

In Sinead’s first year, she personally sponsored 100 people. She sponsored another 100 in year two. Now four years in, she’s sponsored more than 300 people and has 200,000+ customers across 20 countries … and she did 99% of it through Social Media! If you want to learn the secrets of using Social Media to build YOUR Four Year Career, don’t miss Sinead Kavanagh’s Aha-filled episode of the Network Marketing Heroes Podcast, hosted by Richard Bliss Brooke.