The Authentic Networker Podcast: Hosted By Richard Bliss Brooke

Gloria & Jennings Waterhouse - LifeVantage

February 27, 2020
Small town living in the Inland Northwest hasn’t stopped Gloria and Jennings Waterhouse, a fabulous mother-daughter Network Marketing duo, from building a LifeVantage team of 500+ leaders and 3,500+ customers in 7 years. 
Gloria Waterhouse has been a respected doctor of psychology for almost 40 years. Her daughter, Jennings Waterhouse, grew up with a classical southern education in Tennessee and was groomed for a life of corporate success. How did they go from thinking, “This isn’t for people like us!” to wholly embracing Network Marketing and personally enrolling 110+ people to join them? During this belief-building call with their good friend Richard Brooke, you’ll get to hear their story, their struggles, the key coaching they got from their upline, and why they say they’ll do this forever! 


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