The Authentic Networker Podcast: Hosted By Richard Bliss Brooke

Ian Farrar - Purium

April 9, 2020
“If the pedals aren’t moving, you won’t get stronger over time.” Ian Farrar, a former full-time cyclist, is the founding distributor of Purium and has the largest organization in the company – a team of 10,000 active reps built over 17 years. 
Ian originally took a look at Network Marketing because, as an athlete with a busy training schedule, he didn’t want the path of a 9–5 career. With his natural enthusiasm, he knew if he found a product he was passionate about, he could go far. But as many of us know, passion isn’t enough! Learn the two key principals Ian applied to build his record-breaking team, the smartest thing he ever did in this business, and his answer to Network Marketers who find themselves in the dreaded 5-year rut. 

Don't miss this Network Marketing Hero Interview to learn all of Ian's tips on growing your business.

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