The Authentic Networker Podcast: Hosted By Richard Bliss Brooke

Ron White - Black Belt Memory

May 21, 2020
This month's Global Influencer interview with Ron White will blow you away! Ron is without question one of the top Memory Experts in the world. He is a two-time national memory champion, winning the USA Memory Championship in 2009 and 2010. Ron held the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of shuffled cards in only 1 minute and 27 seconds for two years. Ron's an averaged-brained guy who loves baseball, country music, and Texas. And, he just so happens to have trained his memory to a freakishly good level to become a top world wide memory expert. His desire is not that you see him as the person with the best-trained memory, but that he teaches YOU to have the best-trained memory! Ron White speaks to audiences of all sizes around the world and has appeared on a variety of talk shows. He's also been written about in newspapers from the New York post to the Dallas Morning News. Ron is a part of the History Channel show Stan Lee’s Super Humans as The Memory Expert. You also may have seen him on the National Geographic show "Brain Games" as their memory expert in season 1. He's been the guest on over 200 radio programs and is the author of over a dozen CD albums and books. In this interview, Ron shares that he is no different from anyone. He teaches that everyone can learn how to improve their memory.

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