Network Marketing Heroes: Host Richard Bliss Brooke

Tara Wilson - LifeVantage

November 26, 2019
This week's leadership interview is with Network Marketing Hero, Tara Wilson from LifeVantage and one you won't want to miss. Tara Wilson was working full-time as a Wholesale Mortgage Representative with two young children when she was first introduced to Network Marketing. Fast forward to four years later, now with three little ones, she retired her husband, too! Tara has built a team with more than 300,000 members and is currently a 7-figure annual earner. In her 12+ years in the profession, Tara’s team has produced over $200 million in sales in 12 different countries. Her passion is to help people become their best selves, learn the skills to become successful entrepreneurs, build the belief that "they can do it” and live their fullest lives by design. Sound familiar? Learn how Tara does it!