Network Marketing Heroes: Host Richard Bliss Brooke

Tim Sales - Ariix

April 30, 2019
The ability to build passive income FOR LIFE is one of the best things about Network Marketing. But why do some people make it and the majority don’t? And more importantly, how can YOU get on track to become a top leader? Find out during this incredible Hero Interview between Tim Sales, one of the great visionaries of Network Marketing and Richard Bliss Brooke. Tim is the creator of Brilliant Compensation, perhaps the most-watched generic presentation in the history of Network Marketing. He's a former Navy Seal with 32,000 active distributors on his team, over 22,000 customers, and is currently a master distributor for Ariix. Tim has done the hard stuff in life and business and has built his way to the top. Come learn how he did it and how you can too.